In addition to our commitment to professional care, our therapists are Christian counselors, guided both by a personal relationship with Christ, and a set of distinctive values that inform the following perspectives:

A perspective on people:

We believe that people are made in the image of God, designed for relationships that satisfy the deepest desires of the heart to belong and matter to others. Failed relationships, therefore, cause of depth of disappointment that forces us to seek a solution.

A perspective on problems:

Problems (which are non-organically based) are produced within a context of relationships. We live in the tension of our desires, wanting more yet hating our heart’s vulnerability to the losses and disappointments that relationships too often produce. Problems develop out of our commitment to shield ourselves from this heartache. Our hearts become entangled in patterns of relating that seem necessary to our survival, yet often recreate the very sense of isolation and emptiness that they were originally designed to control.

And yet this war of hearts on the horizontal plane is also a reflection of a deeper and more important conflict. We also battle against the One who calls us to a life of humility and brokenness, the One who calls us to be fully alive in a decaying world where the only real hope is found in Him.

A perspective on the counseling process:

Counseling is a process of both discovery and challenge as these relational and behavioral patterns are identified. Change occurs as people are called to risk breaking these patterns and step out into new paths of freedom in relationship to God and others.

Come, join us in a surprising journey of mourning and joy, weakness and power, loss and renewal, where in the brokenness of life we can find what we’ve really always wanted: a heart that is free to love.